General Knowledge

General Knowledge is a very vast subject. It includes almost everything that occurs around us. General Knowledge inbuilts the person with the thirst for facts & reasoning behind. It is required at every stage of life. As a child, it possesses them with the questions like “What, Why, Where, Who” & make them dig in for the knowledge. It prepares them for exams like Olympiad which have GK as a separate subject. It can improve their general discussion skills in school. Child’s participation leads to his noticeability in school thus boosting his confidence. So it is very important that we start working on his GK skills right from the beginning. It is not something which can be built overnight. Other subjects can be learnt through a teacher, or practicing during exams, or through Apps nowadays but General Knowledge is something which we have to keep working on so that it gets embedded in our system.

How to go about it?

  1. Books are the best source of knowledge. At an early age like 3-4 yrs, it starts with the introduction of short story books. Opt for the realistic stories like Tenali Rama, Mulla Naseeruddin, Akbar Birbal stories along with fairytales. This way they will develop interest in the History of India. After which different concepts related to India can be introduced.
  2. Once they are 6-7 yrs, ask them to read Film section of the newspapers. It contains pictures & kids stuff too which will generate interest in the kid. If we try to start with the main newspaper, the kids will find it boring & leave it altogether. So better to start with the section that they can relate to. Giving you my example my kid being an Avenger fan, used to read the TV section just to check what movies will come that day & on which channel. But he was supposed to watch it after my permission only. He used to relate to any actors on the “Delhi Times” Page of Times of India, Bollywood or Hollywood. Now he knows which section is situated where. He has learnt how to hold a newspaper which sometimes is difficult for an adult too.
  3. Start following any Mythological series or shows aired on different channels. Look out for any series available on Internet Video service providers like Amazon Prime. Make a list of the related movies & show it to them. Nowadays we have a lot of Web series which show independently on Youtube. May be in future we get some history related content there too. Children relate a lot by watching so we can pick up the same story books that we are watching.
  4. Opt for Some General Knowledge Books meant for the kids. Like 365 wonders of the world by Om Publications or related books.

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